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A team that strives to save energy.

Here at Energy360 we are all about helping to save electricity, and lessen the stresses of the environment, and your personal life.

We are continuously finding new and innovative ways to help use less electricity, while not noticeably sacrificing on our day to day lives. To do so, we offer LED lighting so you don't have to use less lights. Solar Geysers, so you can always have warm water. Inverters and Batteries so you can store energy for those times you need it most. And prepaid meters so you can monitor and control the amount of electricity you use easier.

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All of us are feeling the “pinch” of rising electricity costs, and now with the real possibility of a new tax, Green Tax/ Carbon Tax based on consumption, being introduced in next year’s budget. WHAT CAN WE DO? Provided we are prepared to take a longer term view there are a number of things we can do, but the most obvious are to change existing lights to LED and to install a solar water system. Also maybe a solar swimming pool pump.Lights and water account for about 50% of a domestic electricity bill. With lighting there are 3 main culprits:

Halogen down lighters, Incandescent outside lights, Fluorescent lights

To help you better understand the savings involved: a halogen down lighter consumes 60watts per hour- there are 1000watts to a kilowatt-, these can happily be replaced by 4w, 5w or 6w LED downlights. The calculation is as follows, say the house has 20 of these lights and they are on for an average of 4 hours per night. Present consumption calculation- 20 x 60watts x 4 hours = 4800 watts or 4.8 kilowatts By replacing these lights with LED ones the future calculation would be 20x 5watts x 4 hours = 400watts. A saving of 4.4 kilowatts This 4.4 kilowatts per day time 30 = equals about 135 kilowatts per month at say R 1.00 per kilowatt, a saving of R135 per month. With the cost of a 5w down lighter at +/- R 60.00 per light the investment cost would be R1200 divided by the monthly saving of R135 gives a payback time of just under 9 months. An average 3 bedroomed house would consume something of the order of 2000/ 2500 watts if all the lights were switched on this could reasonably be reduced to 450/500 watts if LED lights were installed. Energy 360 is a broking business sourcing energy efficient and stand by power systems, We do FREE lighting audits so why don’t you let us show you how much you could potentially SAVE?